Maja Jantar | État d’âmes (Exorcise the Unseen)

Une exploration du phénomène d’oscillation – où deux notes en créent une troisième dans l’oreille de l’auditeur.
Performance commandée par la Wellcome Collection, en 2016, dans le cadre de :
States of Mind : Tracing the edges of consciousness at Wellcome Collection - July 14th 2016 : London.

Maja Jantar pendant sa performance le 27 janvier 2019 - photo Valérie de Calignon
État d’âmes (Exorcise the Unseen) - micro et pré-enregistrement
Maja Jantar/SECONDA (2019)


				]singing one note to the sky
		 			one note in sand
						one note in moss[

you blink

			sand in your eyes

did you know
there are an infinite amount of shapes of sand, just like every snowflake is
unique, so each grain of sand is a world of its own?

open, wider

			cinders fall
			whatever you do don't close your eyes


eyes open
glow glaringly into

your iris
shuts around a thought

don't let it drop
open wider
and crawl into the creux, the dent

resist the urge to shut your eyes

			dilated love
			deleted love
			delution of love

phosphorous shine under the stare of artifice

play the fancy words, play a deafening tune 
till it creases into folds
like a strip of sky

			                ]exercise the unseen[
			                ]exorcise the unseen[

become light
simply shine

			stars whisper you to fall

thrown into the gap

			the space
			hollow  in between

sculpting words on words piling up the bodies
who will set light to your sense

			                ]exercise the unseen[

they told you it was time
but time has a weird way of passing
here thyme grows abundantly

you have to tilt your head up to see the sky
it's just above the horizon
it starts where you've stopped expecting it
stretches wider then you can embrace

			                ]exorcise the unseen[

you said,
Your mouth formed the words
the 'mouth is a cairn'

			                ]name is no incident[
leave it on the burial field
wrapped in sky
in deep moss
blueberry stains on the elbows
making its way
through resistance

			there happens to be no rhythm
			no sense

			                 ]the moth flutters from mouth to mouth[

embrace it
hold it like a moth
maybe it is
a drone of light

singing one note to the sky
one note to moss
one note in sand

held left of the unseen

			                         on burial field]

			                ]ik hoor mijn hart
			                        ik voel mijn hart[

no I feel my heart

			no not like
zoals nee, niet

there is a fire burning in the back of the yard
			ts ts ts
er is een vuur dat brandt
isn't that the word that keeps on coming back and back to haunt you
a question mark that seems to punctuate life day by day
continuous rhythm of 
stretching out like heart beat
			a tight rope to walk
with a fire burning at the end
			or is it the middle
when will the line brake
when will we fall off 
			will we fall of maybe
and what happens when we fall off 
			free jump 
			free fall
into being 
22 juin 2019
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